Lets get serious

Its been an age since I’ve bothered to get back into my blog. The reality is that sometimes financial gain takes over the need to express yourself. This has led me to question why I started this blog in the first place. Was it to make money? Become a lifestyle name? Or simply further myself in my online identity? (Considering the use of a psuedo-name, that probability is highly unlikely.)
So now I’m sitting with my own little corner of the internet, no one to tell me they want high rankings, super engagement levels, or marketing strategies. It’s just me. And tbh, I’m a little lost.

I could go on to talk about my life, the shit I’ve dealt with and hope that someone sees it, but would I want you to relate? Share you experience? Ask my advice? Maybe. Probably. But where would I start?

Do I want my internal demons on a platform for everyone to see?

Let’s begin at the moment I found myself in a position where I was utterly alone- My worst fear had become an ultimate reality. Did I freak out, yes. Am I still freaking out? Sometimes. What’s the point you may ask.

My worst fear became my reality. But it doesn’t last forever. You rise, you overcome and you carry on with life. Maybe the details of my past situation will come out in another post, maybe it won’t. My point is, life is difficult. Things are going to happen which will strike you with a force and you’ll be faced with nothing but four walls, your own thoughts and two choices. The will to push through and make the most of your life, or you won’t. I chose the red pill. And I don’t regret the struggle it took to be who I am now.

Nothing will compare to your fears becoming reality. If you can deal with that… Honey, you’re going to be great.


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