billboard music awards 2016

2016 Billboard Music Awards Fashion

I’d be lying if after every new glam Hollywood event, I don’t trawl the internet waiting to see the lists of who nailed the fashion game or who just hammered their public image into the ground. Fashion is a deep seeded passion of mine and for the first time, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of the celebrities fashion hits and misses. Here we go…

Billboard Fashion Hits and Misses


I simply have to start off this post with one of my favourite looks of the evening. Zendaya pulled off this peachy Calvin Klein ensemble with effortless ease.  Being a woman who has never swayed away from public criticism, the only thing I can say here is, honey… you slayed.

Verdict: Hit

Kesha billboard music awards 2016

I can see where Kesha was coming from with this outfit. A clear tribute to a recently deceased music legend, Prince, Kesha has been in a legal battle with Sony, and has somehow turned her image into saint of the century. The thought was there, but I have to say… This outfit does nothing for the stars new-found rep.

Verdict: Miss

Megan Trainor billboard music awards 2016

From the bottom to the top, this outfit does little to nothing for the bringing booty back singer. I’m all for the adipositive movement, being a thick girl myself, I feel like Trainor could have showed off that sexy figure in something a little better than this OTT Michael Costello outfit.

Verdict: Miss

Britney Spears billboard music awards 2016

I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see bad Britney back in the spotlight! This classic-baby hit me on more time image takes me back to her Toxic years. And I don’t mean the days of shaving her head and having hillbilly-themed weddings. This Dolce&Gabanna ensemble took a lot of us back to the days of when Britney was nothing but amazing. All hail the Queen!

Verdict: Hit

Rihanna billboard music awards 2016

Riri hasn’t been a fashion favourite of mine in recent times.. and this time is of no exception. With a banging body and fashion sponsors up to her ears, I just do  not understand the monstrosity of this Thierry Mugler outfit paired with renaissance Manolo Blahnik courts… What?

Verdict: miss

Jessica Alba billboard music awards 2016

People have said they are disappointed with the way Jess’s Zuhair Murad outfit stood on the red (actually, purple), carpet. I have to disagree. Though I do admit the hair could have been more “on-fleek” the sexy lace detailing of this long skater dress, paired with suede thigh-highs, reminded me why I wanted to be her in the early 2000’s.

Verdict: Hit

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GG x



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