A Morning with Sasko Chefs Kitchen

Did someone say bread?

When Sasko invited me over to come and see what they’ve been up to, how could I not? Read more about what they’ve been up to here. Myself and my colleague hopped in an uber and popped around, not quite sure what to expect.

Charis and I
Charis and I

Now, I adore spending time in the kitchen (probably how I ended up 2 sizes bigger than 3 years ago- Thanks, Facebook Memories) so I was particularly excited about having a demo experience with qualified ย chefs.

Veggie Salad with Foccacia Bread Loaf

We hopped on the band wagon after a friendly meet and greet, and it was straight into a salad. Using Sasko flour we used a pre-made foccaio along with out very own salad prepped by ourselves, including salad dressing. (Charis’ surprise when her vinaigrette came to life after a Chef helped her with more olive oil will be a pleasant memeory from here on out.)

Check out my salad:

Sasko Salad

Mediterranean Tagliatelle with Crispy Pangritata

Next up we dived straight into a quick lesson on how to make your own pasta. SUPER EASY PEOPLE. Seriously. It took 30 seconds o cook. And maybe 15 to make. A sexy few strings of fettachini and using breadcrumbs to make crispy pangritata, we made a delightful Mediterranean olive, tomato and fresh herb sauce. Want to see?


It was delicious.

Food Styling

A simple 123 in food styling was up next. Apparently, my natural talents shone in this section, as you can clearly see below. (NOTE, I will be receiving the professional shot soon.)

12719105_10153296931851857_7369873884551207878_o (1)

With a bag of lovely parting gifts (I’ll show you later), we made our way back to the office, feeling full and inspired!


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