Learning to Love Me

With all kinds of body positive moments going on in the cyber world, It’s time to get myself on this train. Like most women, there are times (mostly) where I compare myself to others. Instead of going into details about how I am far from perfection, and that perfection is nothing but a myth, today I’m thinking of exploring the idea that maybe I am as pretty as those girls. Maybe my body isn’t as bad as society has made me think it is.

The impact of “the perfect body”

Celebrities, minorities, women and men of all sizes, ages and gender, have spoken out publicly on the effects that the idealisation of the “perfect body” has on most people. We’ve all seen the news clips of teens going as far as suicide because of poor body image. The tales of people addicted to plastic surgery because the quest for the perfect face or body is always just one more procedure away.


Typing “The Perfect Body” into a Google image search brings up images of ONLY WOMEN. What the actual fuck?As if there is no stigma against the Perfect Body of a man?

We're all perfect, fuck you. Image: Dove_Real Beauty
We’re all perfect, fuck you.
Image: Dove_Real Beauty

Things I want to work on this year

My anxiety
Finding mindfulness
Exercise more for relaxation
Working on my blog more
Become more organised at home

Keeping this list small was a challenge. I always want o better myself and learn new things, but being a typical Gemini, I start something and almost always, never finish it. So getting going is fine, and limiting this list to just 5 things, was the difficult part.

I have struggled with anxiety for the last 6 years. At times it’s been debilitating, and other times, it’s been manageable.  Read more about my struggles with anxiety in a future post.

Loving Lauren

In order for me to love myself, all that encompasses me, my good and my bad, i need to focus on figuring our who I am. This is the year for me to figure thus out and love myself, my body and ME.

Who’s with me?


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