Payday means eCommerce Craze!

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy the odd sale, perhaps buying the odd garment online because you had a shitty day and you want something pretty to make you feel  better. Today I’ll be showing you who’s got what to offer and where you should get them from.

Online Sales and BARGAINS

First things first. Who doesn’t love a good deal? A few of my favourites, Zando (My previous employer), is celebrating their birthday with up to 20% off- SiteWIDE.

Happy Birthday, Previous Place of Employment. Glad I helped birthed you into existence.
Happy Birthday, Previous Place of Employment. Glad I helped birthed you into existence.

Spree is fast becoming my new favourite place to hang out online. Apart from their amazing collection of women’s accessories, I am pleased with their selection of plus size women clothes and sexy little sales. For instance, how can you resist up to 75% off?


An Old obbession

Pick and Pay Clothing has long time been an obsession of mine. Underrated and high quality, this store is the only stockists of jeans which fit my ass to perfection. Recently, I’ve decided to dwell into the world of upper-arm showing, and here is where things got interesting. Want to see what they have to offer? Take a little look:

Beauty Bag

A self-obessed make-up fanatic drew me to this point. I have TONS of make-up. I do not wear all this make up, but I have tit for that special occasion. If you’re like me and like to indulge in a new-look face every one in a while, I stumbled upon a gorgeous little website offering bargain bundles! And with a name like Budget Barbie, how can you go wrong?

R600 for 4 MAC lips! Yes please.
R600 for 4 MAC lips! Yes please.

If you prefer to go one by one, they have those options too, so don’t fret.

Inglot has made its latest mark on me with their sexy new foundation, amazing brush sets and pretty powerful concealers. If you’re looking for long-term, animal-cruelty free make up that will last a lifetime and keep quality high, this one is for you. Invest long term and get a flawless finish.

I love nothing better than a good bargain. This evening I’m on my way to the shops to get my fiance a new wardrobe and I can guarantee I’ll be back with some more top tips for freelance fashionistas like myself.


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