So I’m on the Health Buzz – Part I

Five weeks ago I was at the office. I had just reaped the benefits of my addiction to online shopping. [Sidenote: Spree delivers super fast.] I shopped in the “Plus Size” section for the first time in my life. I was confident I couldn’t possibly fit into “regular” clothes, because the shops in the local mall seemed to be proving that on the reg.

The Denial

So I got my beautiful shirt dress. I was so excited to put it on, and boy, I felt good! So my colleague took a snap of me.

The Realisation

The snapshot made me feel instantly sick to my stomach. I was shocked, Nauseated, Disgusted.

I don’t have that snapshot. After the look on my face, my colleague was kind enough to erase it from his phone. I think he knew how I felt.

I didn’t recognise myself. I had no idea I got that big. I’m by no means a candidate fro TLC’s “My 600 Pound Life” or anything (Great show btw), but this wasn’t me. This couldn’t be me.

The Plan

For months before, I had been a silent follower of this program I stumbled across on Facebook. It’s called Kelfit. The stories of this ladies-only group kept me coming back to witness the fitness. Seeing ladies come together to get people to join, to support, motivate and just be kind people. (An often unheard of concept in the cyber world, mind you. ) This place made me feel safe, a place I could go when I needed to lose weight. Little did I know that time had been my present for a long time already…

The Action

Without hesitation, without a moment’s breath to make sure I had enough money in my account, I signed up to this group. Within 10 minutes of seeing that photo of myself, my true self, I had become a Kelfit Gal.

Kelly Stegen and Gerda Colloty Dennis are ladies I follwed to through the social network, anonomously, admiring them and what they do, all from a distance. I’ve been on Kelfit for 5 weeks. Almost 40cm gone, and just under 4 kgs gone. It might not seem like much, but this is my new lifestyle. My new way of functioning. My new life, And it’s only just begun.

Stay tuned.



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