Dog Hotel in Cape Town

Say what?

Yes. Cape Town is host to a luxurious doggy hotel. I happened to come across this on a Daddy’s Deal and I have to be honest, I find it pretty amazing. @Frits Dog Hotel is based in Castle Street in the Cape Town City Centre.


Dog Day Care

Next time you’re off to an amazing few days in the bush to get away from the city hype, why not let your pooch get in on some of the action? Allow  your little companion some time to himself, to enjoy the finer things in life such as:


With a range of different rooms on show, you are able to custom pick what kind of room would suit your dog best. There is a doggy menu, where you’re able to choose what treats and meals your pooch will indulge in on their stay. Not only does the hotel cover food and accommodation, a photography package is available as well as an extra mural activity menu.


Different rooms available:
  • Platinum Suite
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Doggy Dorm

Salon and Spa Treatments

@Frits Salon and Spa promises to preen your pets till they purr.  With a range of different products and treatments on offer, all at reasonable prices, this could be the time your pet actually WANTS to go washy-wash.


Apart from all the luxious add-ons, there is a 24/7 vet on call, packages for you perusal and customised night care should your baby need extra attention. Dont forget to do some shopping while you’re there and say no to dog nudity!

Keep up with what’s pooching with their Facebook page here. Word has it, they’re running a competition… Who wouldn’t want to be a dog?


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