Misconceptions about Writers

If you know me at all, you’d know I’m always down for a good laugh. I particularly enjoy stereotypes. I’m no Nicole Arbour or anything, but generalisations are funny. So in this post, I decided to take a look at some of the generalisations made about writers.

It is a common misconception that writers are lazy, chancers, perhaps even a bit superficial or pretentious. I have been a writer for the past six years, working for the man, and earning my way. This post is meant to debunk, once and for all, the bad street-cred writers have gotten over the last few years. Let’s start with the myths.

Five Top Misconceptions about writers:

  1. Writers don’t make money.
  2. Writers enjoy Shakespeare (This is my own)
  3. Writers actually ENJOY writing
  4. Writers (especially lifestyle writers) live a glam life.
  5. Writing is a relaxing job

Allow me to break it down for you:

Writers don’t make money

WRONG. If we didn’t make money, I wouldn’t be so chunky from all the great food I’ve indulged in over the last few years. Granted, I’m not rolling in the dollars, but I’m far from poverty. Most writers hold a 8-5 job (See me, Exhibit A), and even in our spare time (Exhibit B- This blog) we write. Like any other profession, writing is work.

misconceptions about writers

Writers enjoy Shakespeare

Ok, so this is what my generalisation would be of writers. I think this comes from the amount of “writers” who call themselves this because they sit in a dark room, with the blue light from their computer glistening on their faces, hoping that it will light the pathway to their dreams. They’re probably NOT a writer. Anyone who has to try THAT hard to impress or motivate the fact that they’re a “writer”, probably isn’t. Do not let the pretentious fools fool you!

Hipster Shakespeare
Hipster Shakespeare
Writers enjoy writing

Now this one is partly true. I mean, in order to do something every single day, you need to enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean to eat, sleep and breathe it. I adore writing. But the dread which fills my soul whenever a client says “I don’t know about this…” is enough to send me into a destructive spiral of self-hate. However, writers are BAD ASS. We take rejection, take it in and turn it into something beautiful. Even when said client is a total dumb-ass and knows nothing about grammar or the art of paraphrasing. We take bullets, we take criticism, and we slay that m-f-er and make shit perfect.

Writers (especially lifestyle writers) live a glam life.

If you work in retail, more often than not, you get some form of discount, no? Perhaps a little staff percentage off the next outfit you buy? Grocers get free “wastage” which isn’t wastage at all! So, visa versa. If someones going to be writing about a cafe, it’s only fair they go in and test the goods. #JustSaying

Writing is a relaxing job

Oh, sweet children. You could not have gotten it any more wrong. Imagine putting your heart and soul into words- Writing about magnets, property or even water-storage tanks. Try to make them sound awesome, insane, newsworthy… all on a tight deadline. Only to be told to start again. By no means is writing (or any other creative job) an easy task. Everytime you send off that draft, you give a little bit of your soul away, and you hold onto the glimmer of hope, that it will be accepted. If not, you’re off, back to the drawing board.


With that said, I have a review to write. It’s on wine.


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