Dealing with Difficult People at Work

A part of being a good person, I’m assuming, is to be happy for others, right? Well, what if you just can’t? This has nothing to do with jealousy.

It has to do with being forced to be around toxic people. There is only so much you can do to try and filter out the bad people from your life. When it comes to situations where you are forced to be around others that are directly toxifying your work and personal life, how do you cope with that? And how do you be happy for someone when they (not only) wouldn’t reciprocate those positive feelings, but also they would sabotage you if it meant they could get ahead? How does a “good” person function and deal with thus every day?

WorkplaceDiva had this video about dealing with difficult people on their blog:

I’m not sure how this has made me feel. I don’t feel better but I will be sure to keep this guys pointers in mind next time I feel this way. Which will be tomorrow- I’m way too far gone today.

When you’re in a situation like I am, it seems disconcerting whenever you manage to do something well, or have an exciting project to work on. The said person will do anything to have their finger in your pie and if not, become unpleasant, without any regard as to how that might affect your productivity. It might seem as though they get away with everything, and you seem to always get the splinter end of the wretched stick.

Personally, I’m always about self-improvement. Anything that can be done to enhance my own self, I’ll give it a go. But when it comes to someone else- You know what they say…

dealing with overly competitive colleagues
You’ll never be able to make them drink.

So you have a similar problem? Let’s conquer this shit together. Here are some tips on dealing with difficult colleagues.

Keep your mouth

Never tell them they’re being jealous. Doing this might be the equivalent of poking an angry rat with a hot poker then opening the cage. It WILL attack you. Apart from the obvious bodily harm that will come your way, another reason not to go down this route is that it could, possibly, make you unlikable among other colleagues. The last thing you want to do is alienate those around you. You need people to see your true nature, and this includes your nemesis.

Bring your A game

Your colleague wants to bring you down? Simple- Bring yourself up. In case their jealous tendencies decide to become sabotaging, you need to ensure your back is covered. Make sure all your work is done and done properly. That way, there is no way for anything to go wrong.

Put it into perspective

Like I said before, it’s always good to self-reflect every once in a while. And part of the process in dealing with difficult people in general is to turn it around and look at things through their eyes. Is there something you are doing, or characteristics you hold, that could be seen as something more than what it is? Are you making the situation worse in any way?

Fight with kindness

Chuck Palahnuik once said:


So go on and live your best life- Be the best version of you that you can be and in plain speech- Let them suck it,


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