Living Life Her Way

As harsh as that may sound, we all only have one life. One chance to make things happen for us. Do you want to live your life by means of what others tell you?

Now, if you’re a drug addict reading this blog on some cosmic high, clearly what I’m saying does not apply. What I’m trying to say is… Life is too short to sit back and do things in the way other people want you to do them. I have this friend, Megan. It has always been her dream to go and work overseas (she is a highly talented hair stylist), and by god has she tried. She has recently gotten the opportunity to go and work in Dubai. And despite people telling her otherwise, she is willing to go and live HER dream. Her boyfriend is my fiances brother, we’re all really close. And by taking this job, it means she will be apart from not only her family and her home, but taking the chance in losing her relationship for 2 years. This hasn’t halted her natural drive though. She has faith that’s so strong, that her mentality is “if we’re meant to be together, we’ll find our way back to one another.” Some may call that naive, I call it brave.

I admire my friend for making her own opportunities, for taking risks and believing in herself. This is something I will take away and strive to do for myself too.

Thanks guuuurl. x


One thought on “Living Life Her Way

  1. You are the most amazing friend/ sister in law anyone could ever ask for!!
    Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me in everything I do.
    I do however, strongly believe that we all have a purpose… and that we are meant to (and privileged to) take steps that take us there, although it is scary… but if we knew everything about our own lives… how boring would that be right!
    What I’m trying to say is…. if we don’t take the jump… we will never know what could be… as for your future brother in law (my amazing boyfriend) he is my everything… and if it wasn’t for him being just as supportive in my dreams as I am… I don’t think I’d even be considering it… so having said that… yes… opposites attract… and my magnetic field has a strong attraction for my bae… so if things should happen as they do… I’m pretty sure I’d find my way back to where my heart is. 🙂

    Love you gurrrl!


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