The Best Day

Today I turned 28.

Sometimes I don’t believe I’m this age. Shouldn’t we be responsible? Having kids?

I’m engaged now (I’ll tell you the story someday), and sure, I work and have a career- But do I feel so close to 30? Hell no. I have an amazing editor at work and due to the nature of our work we get perks- Great perks. Perks that open my eyes to how the other half lives. This is how my birthday began. Having my colleagues sing Happy Birthday to me- Even though some of us absolutely hate each other, they sang to me and everyone was so kind., We ate cake and laughed and smiled. I had 2 days off of work. Gareth was off and we started it having razul therapy at the Life Day Spa at a 5 star hotel in Century City. We had couples massages and champagne. We went to Ons Huisie for a light breakfast. Then I came home, napped and then met friends for dinner at a burger joint.

One of the best days I’ve had in a long time. I feel like I belong…and man, it feels great.

Here are a few snaps from The Best Day:



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