In My Closet: June Skincare Favs

I’ve decided to start a blog series called “In my closet.” This is where I will take you through my enormous collection of clothes, shoes, make up and skin care products. To start off the series, I thought i’d begin with skin care- My current obsession.
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How to deal with anger

How to deal with anger

Have you ever been made to feel so incompetent that you begin to lose faith in yourself? And if you’re not a google bot, and human, then I’m sure you have. Recently, I’ve been having a bit if a tough time dealing with feelings of incompetency from others. It’s really not all that nice. So here’s how I’ve decided to deal with it.
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Lets get serious

Its been an age since I’ve bothered to get back into my blog. The reality is that sometimes financial gain takes over the need to express yourself. This has led me to question why I started this blog in the first place. Was it to make money? Become a lifestyle name? Or simply further myself in my online identity? (Considering the use of a psuedo-name, that probability is highly unlikely.)
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Learning to Love Me

With all kinds of body positive moments going on in the cyber world, It’s time to get myself on this train. Like most women, there are times (mostly) where I compare myself to others. Instead of going into details about how I am far from perfection, and that perfection is nothing but a myth, today I’m thinking of exploring the idea that maybe I am as pretty as those girls. Maybe my body isn’t as bad as society has made me think it is.
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